100 Things That Caught My Eye

May 1, 2017

Chris Packham’s photography book

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Wildlife television presenter and award winning photographer Chris Packham has travelled the world in his ongoing quest for the ultimate image.

In 100 Things That Caught My Eye readers are offered a rare glimpse into the imagination of an exceptional photographer at the moment he captures each picture. The images in the collection were taken in over 30 countries and span more than 25 years of travelling. From Antarctica to Peru, Greenland to Madagascar, his subjects – landscape, portrait and wildlife – are many and varied depending on what caught his eye.

Alongside each image is an accompanying explanation as to why and how he took the picture. Always analytical of his work and of himself as a photographer, Chris believes that taking great pictures requires the mind, not just the knowledge of science or of which lens does what.

Chris: ‘It is about engaging that part of the brain which feels for the picture, that learns how to see it coming and then, in that critical instant, makes all the decisions from the heart. No book of technique will help you at the crucial moment. That type of advice has to be far behind you when you are poised finger on button. This is just you, alone, at the only moment in all time when, if you feel it, the picture may be there. It’s not spiritual. Equally it’s not scientific or empirical. It is artistic. That fusion of all disciplines which some of our species can manifest as a great gift.’

Hardback, £20.00
Blink Publishing
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