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Back Garden Nature Reserve

Chris has a vocational passion to encourage people to access wildlife, especially the young. He feels passionately that the disproportionate interest foisted upon the exotic as a result of TV exposure means that our own native flora and fauna is often overlooked as familiarity breeds contempt. The most important wildlife is that which you can see for yourself, smell, touch and hear in real life and in real time and of course, if you're lucky enough to have a garden, there is no better place to get to grips with a great range of beautiful and fascinating creatures.

Chris explains in practical in simple terms what you can do to improve your resource for other species of animal. Feeding, providing shelter, diversifying the habitat and also a whole range of easy steps that you can take to ensure you get a great reward for all of your effort - top views of your visitors! But this is also a thinly veiled plea for tolerance. A healthy community is a rich community, rich in the number of species that it supports. And this means we cannot be too choosy about which animals take advantage of our gardens. Thus Chris sings an enthusiastic song of support for pigeons, rats, mice, slugs, snails, ants and even hornets, one of his favourite insects!

Whatever you do don't draw him onto the subject of domestic cats . . . as you can imagine, killing 60 million songbirds a year is not Chris's idea of fun!

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