Cyprus: Massacre on Migration

April 11, 2017

See below for what you can do . . .

You could tweet on the British Forces Cyprus account . . .

You could email the base police here . . .

And their overall headquarters here . . .

The best Cypriot newspaper to contact would be

Ultimately though in terms of the chain of command the Ministry of Defence here in the UK need to be aware of this crisis . You could tweet them here . . .

The man in charge is of course Mr Micheal Fallon MP so a polite message to him may be a good idea . If you live in his Sevenoaks constituency then you could mail him from here . . .

Otherwise you could mail him at work . . . .

Or use the normal means of finding and writing to an MP here . . .

Outside of the serious issues on the base areas the Republic of Cyprus is not enforcing the law as rigorously as is necessary , particularly in regard to the prosecution of restaurants selling songbirds . Please contact the Commissioner for Environment , Maritime Affairs and Fisheries , Mr Karmenu Vella by tweeting here . . .

And by email here . . .

The Cypriot President is Nicos Anastasiades and you can tweet him here . . .

Finally there is a petition you could sign . It only seeks to draw attention to this issue but adding your name to it would be great . You can find it here . . .


Please be courteous and polite in your communications . Most of the people who receive your messages will be public servants , some working in difficult conditions and they may be unaware of the gravity of this situation . Please help us win their hearts and minds . Thank you .