Cyprus: Massacre on Migration 2018

December 3, 2018

Here as update from Cyprus 2018.

The good news is bird trapping activity in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area on Cyprus (ESBA) has declined in comparison with autumn 2017. There were  33 % less active trapping sites, CABS (Committee against Bird Slaughter) found less set traps and the number of set nets found had dropped by more than 63 % in just one year. This is due to new personnel in the SBA Police taking the issue of illegal bird killings seriously. In just one year they have managed to radically reduce the trapping levels. We were very impressed with the team’s work.

The situation in Republic of Cyprus hasn’t improved much. Despite the new, higher fines introduced last year, trapping in the Republic remains common and widespread.

We managed to film the main trapper in Cyprus during a night stake-out in a secret location overlooking their site. This is a large operation as can be seen in the video. This trapper was arrested previously after being reported by us and BirdLife Cyprus and he was fined €4000. However he is undeterred and has continued with the trapping.