Gambian Bird Guide – Malick Suso

Malick Suso is a top Guide in the Gambia

Birding in the Gambia is nothing short of a bonanza, and if the truth be told, I’ve enjoyed some of my best days birding there. A multitude of species are visible a short walk from the hotels, indeed some of the larger hotel gardens have bigger lists than most of us see in a year at home. And when the local patch is running a little thin there are some great reserves where you can go to nudge the three hundred for a week’s work with your bins. Furthermore, many species are pretty tolerant so getting good photos is not too difficult either.

The one problem is time . . . you don’t want to waste it in duff spots and even in these days of improved communications research can’t always pin-point exactly the right area when you are on the ground many miles from home. This is where the all important and wholly invaluable local knowledge really comes to the fore and a good local guide can really put the cherry on your bird cake. There are plenty available in the Gambia but again how do you know who really knows their stuff, will lead you straight to the best spots, have their ear on the latest news and frankly . . . not rip you off?

I’d like to offer a recommendation; I have had the pleasure of working with Malick Suso for many years and he has always delivered the business. Punctual, polite, fair, trustworthy, patient, and helpful. And one hell of a birder. He has been a fantastic asset to every trip I’ve made here. He knows the best areas around the coast and up-country, as well as all the ‘specialities’ and is used to working with first-timers through to die hard ‘experts’. He has his own vehicle and driver and is happy to deliver your needs in terms of day excursions or longer expeditions. If you are going to visit the Gambia then I suggest you contact him before you leave to discuss plans, times and rates.

I am confident you won’t regret it.

Contact Malick Suso, Gambian Bird Guide

From the UK phone: 00 220 992 1720

Gambian Bird Guides website: www.gambianbirdguide.com

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