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Back Garden Nature Reserve

By Chris Packham

Chris wrote this book with a great deal of enthusiasm as he has a vocational passion for putting people into first hand contact with wildlife, and there’s no better place for this than their own backyard. Too many people get too obsessed with species that are too exotic and can only be seen on television. Familiarity breeds contempt which bears down on our native British flora and fauna and yet, as Chris often says, it’s more rewarding to spend 10 minutes with a woodlouse in the palm of your hand than 10 minutes watching a tiger on television. He has tested it and the tickling feet of the woodlouse make all the difference!

The book is a very practical guide to improving your resource for all sorts of wildlife. The word ‘pest’ does not feature in Chris’s vocabulary and the whole tome is a thinly veiled plea for tolerance, thus sections headings such as ‘Rats-please give these rodents refuge’, The truth about Sparrowhawks and Magpies’,’ Snails – slime or sublime?, Saving Private Slug and Weeds You Want’ paint a very clear picture that a healthy garden, a healthy community is one where all species are welcome! There are lots of plans for nest boxes, bird feeders, a squirrel assault courses and the book is filled with top tips on all sorts of different aspects related to caring for wildlife at home. It is written in his typically irreverent, sarcastic, witty and ironic style, but is nevertheless pragmatic in the extreme and has been purged of duff ideas, impractical or nonsensical suggestions and is designed to meet the immediate needs of the 21st century naturalist.

The publisher says on the jacket . . .

This entertaining and practical guide for all the family explains how to create a natural and oasis for the wildlife that shares your garden. Beautiful illustrations, stunning photographs and simple diagrams combined with Chris Packham’s lively style to bring new excitement to this popular subject.

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Chris Packham’s Wild Side of Town

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Written by the renowned TV presenter Chris Packham, this book is suitable for anybody with an interest in urban wildlife and conservation. It is an educational and striking guide to the full range of wildlife that can be found in all manner of urban habitats in our towns and cities. Increasingly, wildlife is finding a home in our built-up, concrete and noisy cities. Urban sites such as canals, disused railway embankments, reservoirs, rubbish tips and inner-city gardens are becoming popular abodes for a huge number of species. This book is at once a source to the best urban sites in Britain and the different habitats that exist there, and a revealing field guide to the wildlife inhabiting these city locations. Beautiful illustrations, stunning photographs and informed reference material combine with this popular author’s entertaining style to bring a novel look at wildlife away from the countryside.

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