Chris Packham’s Shit Calendar 2023

Twelve months of the worlds top shit science!

A full year of fun and fascinating facts about faeces

Chris Packham brings you the seasons crappest calendar, constipated with his shit pictures and all you need to know about the worlds most fascinating faeces. But aside from the piles of poo there is a wealth of sensational new science which throws the spotlight on shit when it comes to the wonders of nature.

Each month features a single species account including a delightful photograph of its excrement in situ, a lovely portrait of the animal and 1200 words extolling its excremental excellence in the form of; a ‘Species Description’, ‘Shit Facts‘: the latest science as strained from its shit, ‘Personal Shit‘: an illuminating personal account of Chris’s first hand encounters with the shit, a ‘Shit Score‘(!) and ‘More Shit‘: some suggestions of where to go to find out more about the species and its conservation.

And naturally on the back there is a quiz so you can pit your wits against the mystery shits of some of the UK’s favourite birds, ‘Are You Shitting Me?

There is so much shit around these days you mustn’t lose sight of the real deal – the soft brown squelchy stuff on the sole of your shoe. Its packed full of interesting aromas and masses of important stuff that cutting edge science needs to better understand and conserve so many species. Its superbly ironic that so many species ‘in the shit’ are finding a way out of it through what exits their anus. I love that, because I love all life, everything that creeps, crawls, slithers, slimes and stings, and everything that comes out of its arse

Chris Packham

It’s a fun, funny, pun-packed, obscenely interesting publication suitable for all the family‚Ķ

Full gruesome colour, printed on recycled and FSC papers and posted in paper envelopes.