Set it Wild Competition

Chris announces the winner


A fine collection of photos! Which due to their breadth of purpose have been very hard to judge and to choose a winner. Here are a few notable runners up . . . in no particular order.

Obviously han_kyn’s Peter the poodle, a handsome dog indeed, caught my eye as did luca.and.lily’s entry of a young man lying in the wood surrounded with a fabulous collection of ephemera which relate to the book . . . jam jars, dinosaurs, a fox’s skull, a tadpole spoon, even a brace of dried seahorses! Wow! Superb!

There were some lovely landscapes too, lab_rat_jan’s Loch Garten and Cairngorm summit are great as are davies5841’s lakeside vista, wildawesphotography’s coastal sunset on Mull and edlis71’s rock pool scene. Wildflowers spangled the backdrop in reece_taylord’s, jesriggs4 (complete with buzzard feather), rose.jilly’s, charliejonah’s and eburybooks . . . who cheekily laid the tome out on a buttercup spattered lawn.

A range of animals crept, crawled, perched and peeked around the book . . . snails, squirrels, frogs, hedgehogs, doves, tiny flies, great tits robins, badger and blackbirds. Murfsmum’s young starlings is notable. And mckeown.nick’s Pine Marten curled around the book on a lovely mossy branch is superb! What a marvellous animal.

Sheraroberts’s lab montage with worms is nicely abstract and samkitchenhedgewitch’s wonderfully dark bagged book in a pond I liked a lot. @Victoria_Pudsey’s Twitter entry of a Polar Bear chewing the book provides some good Photoshop fun.

Set it Wild winner

But finally,

the winner is . . .

Sandymwildlife’s fox frolicking and no doubt destroying the book (see it on Instagram)! It’s fun, in action, the fox has a devilish look in its eyes and a spring in its step – excellent! Congratulations and well done.

Thanks to all for entering. If it ever stops raining, do have a good summer.




Winning entry from Sandymwildlife 

The winner will receive a signed copy of Fingers in the Sparkle Jar’ and my limited edition collection box. Competition closed on Sunday 26th June. T&Cs.

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