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Since 2009 when the European Court of Justice reprimanded the Maltese government for its direct contravention of the European Wild Birds Directive, a piece of legislation which all member states should respect, they have been constantly aware of Malta’s illegal spring hunting and the killing of protected species. But they have done nothing . . . Why? I think that is a fair question . . . so please let’s ask it. And also request that action is taken to bring Malta’s policies into line with the rest of 21st century Europe’s attitudes to wildlife and conservation.

Below is a letter which you can download to copy to your Member of the European Parliament. There are likely to be more than one and you can find out who he or she is here . . .


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These people are your elected representatives, they are meant to scrutinise European laws and provide governance of the EU’s decision making bodies, and they are meant to do it on your directed behalf. Without your request and guidance they are highly unlikely to be motivated by this issue. Let’s motivate them now for the sake of our birds.


Sample Letter

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Dear X

I am writing to express my considerable concern about the Maltese government’s continued contravention of the European Wild Birds Directive which expressly forbids any hunting in the spring season.

But each spring they ‘legalise’ a period of hunting to permit the shooting of migrating Quail and Turtle Doves – both birds in very serious declines all over Europe. The Turtle Doves and Quail that are shot are those en route to the UK where declines are between 85 and 95% over the last twenty five years. These particular birds are the healthy, surviving and essential breeding stock for the forthcoming season so killing them is hugely destructive in terms of the species population. Hundreds of thousands are killed in Malta each spring.

Unfortunately the eleven thousand Maltese hunters shoot many more species, including many legally protected rarities such as Cuckoos, Herons, Warblers, Swallows and many birds of prey. These birds are used merely as ‘target practice’ or are collected for taxidermy. If the spring hunting were terminated it would be far easier to police this criminal activity.

The European Commission is not in any way unaware of any of this practice. It is regularly lobbied by Birdlife Malta, other conservation bodies and concerned individuals but has taken no action, nor exerted any pressure on the Maltese government since 2009. I would like to know why this is? I would appreciate it if you could use your position to investigate this and provide me with a simple straightforward answer. I would also request that you raise this issue with the necessary fortitude, in the most appropriate arena, at the very next opportunity and campaign on my behalf to see that the European Parliament honours its commitment to protect its birds and wildlife. I would like this 2014 spring hunting season on Malta to be the very last.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I eagerly await your reply.

Yours sincerely


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