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September 11, 2016

A massive thank you to all of you who signed the petition to Ban Driven Grouse Shooting.

As I hope you know it has passed the 100K mark and has subsequently been granted a parliamentary debate. The actual date has not been announced yet but this is a time when we really need you to take some critical and constructive action. We need you to write to your MP’s. It’s not a tricky process and all the details are outlined below. This will make it very easy to find out who your MP is, access the appropriate email address and we’ve even provided a template letter (below), although I’d rather you didn’t use it. It would be better if you write an individual letter . . . we all get bored with impersonal circulars and MP’s already get enough of these.

Your letter need not be long, all encompassing or complex. I would suggest that you focus upon the issues which aggrieve you most about driven grouse shooting; illegal persecution, the slaughter of mountain hares, ecosystem mismanagement, burning, draining, flooding . . . the continued use of toxic lead shot, the contribution of tax payers to fund subsidies . . . or maybe all of them.

Your MP has been elected to represent your views as a constituent. It is therefore a democratic right for you to ask them to do this and we would like you to request that they attend the debate and present or support these views. You may be of the opinion that your MP may not wish to support you. This does not matter, you should still write to them, ultimately they will need to rely upon your vote . . . so it should be in their interest to listen and perhaps to reconsider their own stance. This is part of the process of change.

Lastly, many people have already written such letters and published the replies on social media. Please do the same. Some of these replies have been woefully inadequate and contain many inaccuracies and falsehoods. A second corrective letter may be necessary . . . again that’s how progress is made.

Thank you in advance for your continued energies to help make the UK’s landscape a secure, healthy and sustainable place for wildlife and people who respect it.

Chris Packham


Template email / letter

It’s best if you write your own email or letter but this template is a useful guide:
Download template letter

(Template kindly supplied by Mark Avery)


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