Pip the Squirrel

January 22, 2016

DVD’s, books and toys that are every child’s ideal nature companion

Pip DVDs offer young children a charming, fun introduction to the wonders of Britain’s wildlife as they learn along with Pip the Squirrel and her wildlife friends. Pip DVDs combine animation and real-life footage of iconic native species, plus sing-a-long songs and plenty of fun fauna facts. Ideal for ages 2-6 – wildlife inspiration to last a lifetime.

Watch Pip the Squirrel & Friends, Series 2 Trailer

Pip the Squirrel was the brainchild of British Wildlife Centre owner David Mills, whose philosophy of ‘conservation through education’ is at the heart of this friendly animated red squirrel. “I’ve created Pip to appeal to very young children and inspire them to connect with nature. If you stimulate a child’s imagination when they are young, then there’s a strong chance that they will retain an interest in wildlife throughout their lives. And that’s good news for wildlife and for all of us.”

Where to buy Pip’s DVDs, books and toys

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