How to protect your dog from fleas and ticks

Chris in webchat with veterinary dermatologist Paul Sands MRCVS for MyPetonline’s online vet clinic on fleas and ticks as part of the Big Flea Guarantee campaign.

Watch here and on MyPetonline

What is the #BigFleaGuarantee all about?

Chris is heading up the Big Flea Guarantee campaign which is a nationwide scheme where you can take your dog along to participating veterinary clinics for a free check for ticks and fleas and a consultation on the recommended treatment plan to adopt. Find out more and download your free flea and tick check voucher » 

Chris’s latest MyPetonline blog is all about fleas

Chris: “The zealous zoologist in me feels a desperate desire to celebrate this gem of an external parasite before condemning it for making our pets’ lives a potential misery.” Read Come on, let’s talk fleas