Pet Diabetes

October 27, 2015

As with humans, diabetes is a growing problem for our pets as dogs and cats can develop the condition and more and more vets are seeing the illness. If undetected, it can cause serious complications for our pets’ health.

As owner of the poods – Mr Itchy and Mr Scratchy – I got them tested for diabetes and here’s why: while any dog can become diabetic, some breeds are more vulnerable than others and poodles, along with 18 other breeds are in an at risk group. Being of more mature years also increases their risk. As with people with diabetes, pets with the disease are treated with a veterinary form of insulin and by working with your vet to develop a treatment programme including the right diet and exercise, dogs with the disease can lead happy and full lives.

What to look out for

Potential signs of diabetes include drinking more water than usual, urinating more frequently, increased hunger, weight loss and cloudy eyes.

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Pet Diabetes

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