A Talk on the Wildside

June 4, 2019

Chris Packham and Paul Goldstein

For the third year in a row Chris Packham and Paul Goldstein will continue their outspoken commentary on all four legged and winged animals, with three lectures across the UK in November 2019.

Chris and Paul have travelled together in the past 12 months in Antarctica and East Africa and will be illustrating this hilariously outspoken lecture with some dazzling images (although both are savage critics of their own and each other’s work!).

Poachers, park authorities and corrupt politicians will all be in the cross hairs of these two conservation champions, as Chris and Paul share their superb photography, making for a memorable evening. You have been warned…

Click the links below to book your tickets.

6th November – The Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa
7th November – Kensington Town Hall, London
12th November – Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

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