Let’s be clear . . . this campaign is not over. Nor will it be until spring hunting and illegal shooting have ended on Malta. However, it’s certainly time for some gratitude.

We would like to thank all the staff of Birdlife Malta for their help and hospitality and to members of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter who generously assisted us in Malta. Rupert Masefield, Christian Debono, Nick Barbara and Steve Micklewright and Axel Hirschfield. Members of the Birdlife Springwatch Camp also graciously gave their time and assistance.

All our contributors gave generously of their time; Joe Sultana, Ray Vella  Moira Delia, Annalise Falzon, Francesca Vincenti, Rodolfo Ragonesi, Dr Rydi Kovacs and Kathleen Moma. There were several others whose anonymity was promised but who still risked a lot to speak to us.

We would also like to thank all those members of the press who gave us such generous coverage, especially Chris Haslam, Patrick Barkham, Amy Jones and Dan Jones and to all the broadcast media, television and radio staff both in the UK and Malta.

The manager and staff of Il Palazzin Hotel in St Paul’s Bay were fabulous and catered for our irregular hours without complaint. The food was great.

Our team of four necessarily expanded to include Nimrod Mifsud, our invaluable Maltese guide and interpreter and Gerry Granshaw who managed the social media and press campaigns from the UK.

But obviously we would like to thank all those who watched the blogs, tweeted or re-tweeted, to Amanda Barrett for encouraging and helping us with our Tweet Storm and all the many thousands who took part and passed on details of the campaign through Facebook etc. We are especially grateful to all those who took the trouble to write to their Members of the European Parliament and/or gave so generously to the BirdLife Malta Indegogo fundraising initiative allowing us to surpass their target of 50K Euros. Thank you. Very, very much.


If you haven’t yet acted . . . please do. It’s only with your help that we can make a difference. It takes just a few minutes to do the MEP thing and to donate whatever you can afford.

Write to your MEP:   www.chrispackham.co.uk/Write-a-letter-to-your-meps
Donate:   www.chrispackham.co.uk/Donate-to-stop-spring-hunting-on-malta


During the campaign many people have suggested that one way to solve this issue would be to boycott Malta as a tourist. This is not a solution we wish to advocate. It will not hurt the hunters at all, it will hurt the pockets of many other warm, friendly and hospitable Maltese citizens, the vast majority of whom adamantly abhor spring and illegal hunting and want to see the end of it. We would rather you visit Malta and politely, creatively and constructively discuss the problem with your hosts. Explain why it is not sustainable, the terrible impact it has and how it makes you feel. Act as an ambassador for birds.
Ruth, Luke, Jez and Chris

PS Lastly I would like to personally say what a tremendous privilege it has been to work with this team, never did anyone slow down, waver, compromise, tire or allow anything to come between them and the result that was needed. No one backed down, napped, skived . . . moaned or slowed. I salute you and am full of admiration for your energies and determination. Thank you.

. . .

A note from Ruth:

I would like to echo Chris’ comments about the team. Everyone went the extra mile and didn’t waver or back down, even when things got tough. It was great to work with a group of like-minded people who even put up with my driving.

I would also like to extend my personal gratitude to Chris, without whom this project would probably not have happened and, certainly wouldn’t have had the impact it has. It takes real guts to put yourself on the line for a cause you believe in as Chris as done for this project, particularly if you are in the public eye, and I am in total admiration for his commitment to the issue and films we have produced. After nights of no sleep, he still showed enthusiasm and passion even when the camera was turned off; he helped push our car onto a ferry after it broke down in order to make an appointment with one of our contributors; and, as we all know, he was prepared to face intense questioning from the police on behalf of all of us. A true inspiration. Thank you Chris!