What planet is HS2 on?

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On 9th October the beautiful South Cubbington Woods are due to be destroyed to make way for HS2 – just in case the project gets the go ahead in December.

Up and down the planned HS2 route a total of 108 woods are due to be partly or wholly destroyed, over 30 of which are classified ancient woodlands, which will take over 100 years to recreate. If HS2 doesn’t get the go ahead these precious woodlands will have been destroyed for no reason other than to pay the contracting firms. A shameless waste.

It isn’t just the trees that will be destroyed, up to 250 species of flora and fauna live in these woodlands and each one’s existence is inextricably linked to each other in a wondrous web of life. These ecosystems are precious, they are the wonders of our world. Ancient woodlands are called ancient because they have existed since before 1600.They are pure and created by nature. They cannot be replaced by man made plantations.

South Cubbington Woods are not the only woodlands already affected by the ‘enabling’ works of HS2. There are plenty more.

On 28th September I will be at Euston Station to raise awareness of the loss of our woodlands and the homes of so many of our natural species.

We do have a problem.

HS2 is a massive problem – the wildlife is just one that has been overlooked and disregarded and it’s time to say we’ve had enough.

Join meĀ and bring a tree in a pot. Let’s celebrate our woodlands and create a forest.

28th September 2019
Outside Euston Station
One Eversholt Street
Gathering from 1pm