Children and Schools

For Kids

Bring your Mum and Dad, your auntie and uncle and as many friends as you can.

Get creative. Make some beautiful banner art, a papier mache creature, dress up as your favourite plant or animal – or just come as yourself!

The Dictionary of Wildlife Wonders and Spells

The Dictionary of Wildlife Wonders and Spells will be a collection of awe inspiring words and writing from children and young people who love wildlife – to capture the magical wonder of wildlife that many grown ups lose touch with and to reignite a passion to protect it.

Submit any of the following to be included:

    1. A brand new made up word desribing:
      – a feeling you have when you encounter wildlife
      – a wild creature or plant you love the most
      – your hopes and fears for our disappearing wildlife
    2. A spell to conjure nature into our lives and landscapes forever.
    3. A couplet (two lined poem) describing what you love about wildlife.

Send your words, spells and couplets to wildlifewonders@chrispackham.co.uk.

The most awesome will be read on 22nd September as part of the assembly infotainment for The People’s Walk for Wildlife.

For Schools

Please download and share this poster at your school, include it in your school’s newsletter or print it our and put it in the school bags. If your school loves wildlife please encourage the children to take part in the above activities and it would be great if you could arrange a school outing and join us. If you are coming take a photo and post it on social media and tag @ChrisGPackham #PeoplesWalkforWildlife. He will look out for it.