Back to Nature: How to Love Life and Save It

October 7, 2020
Back to Nature by Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin

Chris and Megan explore the wonder and solace of nature through personal stories, conservation and science.

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Our FINAL show (for now)

May 15, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Joined by Lindsey Chapman and an incredible line up of guests from around the world including Luke Massey, Emma Mitchell and Jane Goodall!

Lizzie Daly & NHM Takeover

May 14, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Today we’re joined by Lizzie Daly talking about electroreception & Natural History Museum, London, joins us for an NHM takeover!

Tigers, sharks & eagles

May 13, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Lindsey Chapman answers questions, we have tigers, sharks and eagles. And Emma Mitchell, Paul Goldstein and Nick Acheson join us!

Nick Baker talks about Moths

May 12, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Nick Baker will be talking about marvellous moths among other things! Emma Mitchell says more about mental health and nature.

Wildlife filmmaker Dan O’Neill on Harpy Eagles

May 11, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Filmmaker Dan O’Neill on his journeys documenting eagles! Also Paul Goldstein, Emma Mitchell and Matthew Maran.

Patrick & Esme Barkham talk Butterflies

May 8, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Today’s special guests, Author and Natural History writer for the The Guardian, Patrick Barkham, and his daughter Esme.

Hugh Warwick answers your questions

May 7, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Hugh joins us for Hedgehog Awareness Week! We have Ospreys, Butterflies with Matt Brierley, and London Wildlife.

Lindsey Chapman answers your questions

May 6, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Andy Rouse looks at Red Mason Bees in his garden and we hear from children’s author and illustrator Carl Mynott.

Iolo Williams LIVE from Mid Wales

May 5, 2020
Facebook Live broadcasts

Iolo gives us a garden update! Chris Howard returns and we have news of a Peregrine and her beautiful chicks and today’s quiz.