Dear China . . . a polite request to moderate your environmental destruction

December 30, 2016
Chris Packham

Open letter to Ambassador Xin Shunkang of The People’s Republic of China to Namibia from Chris Brown, CEO: Namibian Chamber of Environment, and other environmental organisations.

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Britain’s Ancient Capital: Secrets Of Orkney

December 21, 2016
Britain's Ancient Capital

Neil Oliver, Andy Torbet and Dr Shini Somara join Chris and hundreds of archaeologists who’ve gathered to investigate at one of Europe’s biggest digs.

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A right little Rascal

December 2, 2016

I’ve just met up again with the gorgeous poodle puppy I’m sponsoring for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. I’ve named him ‘Rascal’ and I’m pleased to say he’s living up to it.

The Animal Symphony

December 1, 2016
Animal Symphony

A remarkable experiment to determine the effect music has on animals, culminating in a concert orchestrated by acclaimed composer Nitin Sawhney. Sky Arts 6 Dec 9pm

Interviewing Sir David Attenborough

November 25, 2016
Sir David Attenborough talking with Chris Packham

Talking to Sir David Attenborough about his experience of the changing nature of conservation as part of the Wildscreen Festival 2016.

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A chance to make history

November 1, 2016
Devon Beavers - copyright Nick Upton

Donate to give England’s only wild beavers a chance and to play a role in one of the most exciting conservation projects of the twentieth-first century … and receive a reward.

Autumn at the Isle of Wight Zoo

October 24, 2016
Vervet Monkey at IOW Zoo

The Isle of Wight is a special place – a microclimatic Island jewel surrounded by sparkling seas. News from the zoo includes photography workshops and big cat training workshops.

My first step in sponsoring a hearing dog poodle pup

October 21, 2016
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

A deaf person’s life can be transformed by the remarkable skills of a specially trained hearing dog. You can sponsor Chris’s poodle pup from £3 per month.

Stop shooting endangered Waders

September 25, 2016
Lapwing, Woodcock and Snipe in decline

Please sign the petition calling for a moratorium on the hunting of critically declining wading birds – Eurasian Woodcock, Common Snipe and Golden Plover which are still legally shot.

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Calling all dog owners in Wimbledon

September 1, 2016
Chris Packham with Itchy and Scratchy

Dog owners are being invited to bring their dogs along to meet Chris who’s visiting Wimbledon Common on 2 September to mark the start of Tick Awareness Month.

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