Video Diaries

April 21, 2014
Chris Packham - Malta - Massacre on Migration

Video diaries from Malta, posted nightly between 21st – 26th April. Presented by Chris Packham and produced by Jez Toogood, Ruth Pearcey and Luke Massey.

The Team

Chris Packham - Malta - Massacre on Migration

Our self-funded production team – Jez Toogood, Ruth Peacey and Luke Massey. We’re all tired, it’s four thirty wake up calls and we’ve been at it all day and into the night but the mood is good under the circumstances, given that the things we love are being blasted from the sky, and we remain determined to get as much material as possible even if it means going face to face with aggressive hunters . . .

Massacre on Migration Malta T-Shirt Design

April 20, 2014
Chris Packham - Malta - Massacre on Migration

In response to requests here is the Massacre on Migration t-shirt designs – landscape and portrait options. If you haven’t already written to your MEP or donated, please do it now. Thank you.

Maltese Heroes

Chris Packham - Malta - Massacre on Migration

As I left him I felt that for the second time in twenty-four hours I had shaken the hand of a giant in the world of conservation. I’ll tell you something . . . they are making statues of the wrong people.

Donate to Stop Spring Hunting on Malta

April 16, 2014
Chris Packham - Malta - Massacre on Migration

Birdlife Malta are running an appeal to raise 50K Euros. This will allow them to campaign and lobby the people to ensure they participate in the vote. You can donate and every little helps so please give whatever you can afford.

Write a Letter to your MEP’s

Chris Packham - Malta - Massacre on Migration

Sample letter which you can copy and send to your Member of the European Parliament to stop the hunting of birds in spring on Malta. You can also find out who your MEP is on the links provided.

Can we market nature?

January 14, 2014

By David Bond, Project Wild Thing. “My daughter spent nearly a quarter of her life consumed by screens and just 4% of her time playing outdoors. Why are kids were so disconnected with nature?”

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A book to save a species

December 3, 2013
Barn Owl image copyright Chris Packham

‘Barn Owl Conservation Handbook’ is the most complete and concise catalogue of techniques and practices used to protect the Barn Owl, both in captivity and in the wild.

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Go Birdwatching in The Gambia with Chris Packham

June 24, 2013
Image copyright Chris Packham

An incredible opportunity to join Chris for a unique tour of The Gambia’s birdlife Feb 2014. Locations such as Abuko nature reserve and the River Gambia.

The Story of the Springwatch Clash Volume 1, 2 & 3

June 7, 2013
Chris Packham

“OCD dictated that I finish on a ’round’ number. So seventy, 8.75 per programme, one every 10.285 minutes, a great band and the best I could do spontaneously”