Stop shooting endangered Waders

September 25, 2016
Stop shooting endangered Waders

Please sign petition calling for the introduction of a moratorium on the hunting of critically declining wading birds – shot despite serious, ongoing population declines.

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Chris & Mark Avery review The Real Price of Grouse

September 18, 2016

The havoc driven grouse shooting causes people and wildlife through the intensive land management needed to achieve high levels of red grouse for people to shoot.

The Real Price of Grouse: Black Hole for Hen Harriers

September 11, 2016

Chris interviews local raptor expert Paul Irving about the high level of illegal persecution of Hen Harriers for which there is only one solution.

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Please write to your MP

Please write to your MP

Now’s the time to take constructive action and urge our MP’s to represent our views at the hoped-for Parliamentary debate to ban driven grouse shooting.

The Real Price of Grouse: Subsidies

September 10, 2016

Even if you have no desire to visit a grouse moor or shoot grouse you’re still paying for it. The government pays a subsidy to moorland farmers or grouse moor owners.

Chris questions Brian May about Badgers

September 9, 2016
Brian May

The scientific facts are being ignored. Badgers are being wounded and left in terrible pain. Not only is this inhumane and ineffective, it’s not the answer.

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Brian May questions Chris about Hen Harriers

September 8, 2016
Brian May and Chris Packham

Chris says we can’t be lied to any more as Brian May asks him some penetrating questions about Hen Harriers and driven grouse shooting.

The Real Price of Grouse: Flooding

September 6, 2016

Does burned moorland support much life? And what effect does it have in the valleys during heavy rainfall? Please sign the petition.

The Real Price of Grouse: Medication & Hare Loss

September 2, 2016

Grouse medication and hare loss – just when you thought you’d heard all the bad stuff about driven grouse shooting, there’s more….

Calling all dog owners in Wimbledon

September 1, 2016
Chris Packham with Itchy and Scratchy

Dog owners are being invited to bring their dogs along to meet Chris who’s visiting Wimbledon Common on 2 September to mark the start of Tick Awareness Month.

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