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Chris Packham launches new challenge to Prime Minister’s HS2 go-ahead decision

March 2, 2020
Join the fight against HS2

We live in a time of absolute crisis. Our future is critically threatened.

Listen to Chris’s full BAFTA Television lecture

January 28, 2020

Chris’s BAFTA Television lecture held at the Barbican. Includes a Q&A giving more detail about his ideas for change.

Chris’s BAFTA video message

BAFTA video

Chris delivered this video message about the television industry’s role in climate change. It was filmed on location in Tanzania.

Delivering the annual BAFTA Television Lecture

January 27, 2020
Chris Packham - BAFTA - copyright  BAFTA/Jonny Birch

Chris called on the television industry to reduce its environmental impact and help highlight the problems we face.

Amazing Animal Babies

January 25, 2020
Amazing Animal Babies by Chris Packham

Incredible baby animals begin their journey through life in this beautiful, fact-filled non-fiction picture book by Chris, stunningly illustrated by Jason Cockroft.

Top 10 Fox Hunting Crimes

December 12, 2019
Top 20 Fox Hunting Crimes

It’s difficult to believe that people still think it’s fun to watch dogs rip foxes apart. And even break laws to satisfy their bloodlust.

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HS2 – Action to Save Ancient Woodlands

October 2, 2019
Action to Save Ancient Woodlands

See latest letter asking Natural England to revoke or suspend Bat licences pending outcome of Oakervee Review.

T-shirt design: Extinction Symbol vs Smiley

September 30, 2019
XR Smiley T-Shirt design - Chris Packham

Get your free XR Smiley t-shirt design for your climate and environment activism. Your planet and your species needs you!

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Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

August 16, 2019

Help protect the lives of millions of animals in the UK. Sign the petition to ban driven grouse shooting and end the cruelty involved.

Matt’s Macro on tour 2020

August 6, 2019

Following last years successful tour Matt’s Macro will be heading out to schools up and down Scotland in 2020 only this time he is offering BioBlitz Sessions. What’s a BioBlitz? The BioBlitz was First developed by Sam Droege in the USA in 1996, BioBlitzes are now held regularly in many countries and have been taking […]

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