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Chris Packham’s T-Shirt Designs

June 4, 2013
Chris Packham T-Shirt designs 2013

A few years ago, as an art project, Chris produced a whole series of ‘Missing Posters’ featuring exotic creatures – Rhinos, Tigers, Crocodiles and Pandas. He pasted them on all the local lampposts.

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Chris Packham’s T-Shirt Designs 2012

May 28, 2012
When I Sleep I Dream of Birds - Chris Packham T-Shirt Design

Download the designs for free: When I Sleep I Dream of Birds, Periodic Table of British Bats, Even Better than the Real Thing!, BirdFix – When they are all gone, you’ll have to make your own.


Chris Packham’s T-Shirt Designs 2011

May 25, 2012

‘World of Woodlice’? Why not? Woodlice are cool creatures, ask any young naturalist under six who enjoys these crustacial armadillos trundling over their palms.

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Chris Packham’s T-Shirt Designs 2010

May 23, 2012
Chris Packham's T-Shirt Design

Chris’s original 2010 t-shirt designs includes the tiger conservation message ‘Safer Here by 239,000 Miles’ and ‘Swallows & Spitfires’ because unless we act there will not be ‘blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover’.

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Chris Packham’s Books

Chris Packham - author

Back Garden Nature Reserve By Chris Packham Chris wrote this book with a great deal of enthusiasm as he has a vocational passion for putting people into first hand contact with wildlife, and there’s no better place for this than their own backyard. Too many people get too obsessed with species that are too exotic [...]

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